PT Sarana Utama Adimandiri

PT. Sarana Utama Adimandiri

Providing top-notch mechanical and engineering solutions, prioritizing excellence, client satisfaction, and utmost safety in every project.

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PT. Sarana Utama Adimandiri is a growing national company engaged in the field of mechanical and electrical construction.

Established in 2000, PT. Sarana Utama Adimandiri has built a solid reputation and earned a good level of trust, particularly in the local and international investment construction market.

The current scope of business undertaken by the company includes planning, construction services, supervision, and maintenance for mechanical and electrical systems within various buildings such as hotels, factories, high-rise buildings, hospitals, warehouses, and residential areas. The company’s operations are supported by skilled and experienced professionals in their respective fields, ensuring the quality of work and achieving satisfaction for all business partners.

Sarana Utama Adimandiri, “Your business partner choice.”

Shiddiq. Ukhuwah. Amanah

Our job responsibility is to ensure customer satisfaction, and our work ethic is driven by the spirit of SUA, which embodies integrity (Shidiq) in every business step we take. We uphold the values of collaboration and solidarity (Ukhuwah) in our business partnerships and are ready to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to us by our business partners with trustworthiness and commitment (Amanah).

- Vision

Our goal is to become a preferred business partner and establish a strong presence in both domestic and international markets. We aim to be a company that excels in competitiveness and is capable of meeting the needs of our clients.

- Mission

We strive to create valuable business relationships for our customers, employees, directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. We are committed to upholding professional business principles and practices at all times.

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"I'm Committed to Safety"