PT Sarana Utama Adimandiri

Electrical Services

CCTV, MATV & Security

A video surveillance system is used to record and monitor activities.

Lightning Protect

The system designed to protect buildings, equipment, and occupants from damage caused by lightning strikes is commonly known as a lightning protection system.

Build Automation System

The system used to automate and control various systems and facilities within a building is commonly referred to as a building automation system or building management system.

Subst. Incoming Power

The reception and distribution of incoming electrical supply to buildings or installations is commonly referred to as electrical power reception and distribution.

Main Feeder

The main electrical cables or conductors that connect the power source to the distribution panel or subpanel within a building are commonly referred to as main electrical feeders or main power conductors.

Sec. Power Wiring

The electrical cables or conductors used to distribute electrical power from the main distribution panel to equipment and systems are commonly referred to as branch circuits or branch electrical conductors.

Light & Repectacle

A good lighting system provides strong and aesthetically pleasing illumination that is suitable for the needs and design of the space.

Telephone & Sound

The infrastructure and equipment used to provide sound reproduction within a building are commonly referred to as audio infrastructure or sound systems.

Fire Alarm

The system designed to detect fires or fire hazards within a building and provide warnings is commonly known as a fire detection and alarm system.

Generating Set & Renewable Energy

Integrating a generator with a renewable energy source to generate electricity.